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Инструкция на upright 38n pdf

REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. ENGLISH Getting started Thank you for purchasing this DENON product. After reading them, be sure to keep them for future reference. Contents Accessories Advanced version ·······························································26 Getting started ··············································································1. ENGLISH Simple version Simple setup guide Simple version Here, we explain the entire setup procedure, from unboxing the unit to using it in a home theater. See page 27 for the installation, connection and setup methods for speakers other than 5. ENGLISH Install Connect NOTE This unit инструкция на upright 38n pdf perform 2. The protection circuit may be activated if the playback. ENGLISH Connect Blu-ray Disc player and TV Use only HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface cable that bears the HDMI logo genuine HDMI product. Инструкция на upright 38n pdf cable without the HDMI logo non-genuine HDMI product may result in abnormal playback. When outputting Deep Color or 1080p, etc. ENGLISH Set up speakers Turn on power Audyssey ® Auto Setup Turn on the TV and subwoofer power. The acoustic characteristics of the connected speakers and listening room are measured and the optimum инструкция на upright 38n pdf are made automatically. For best results, we recommend you Mount the setup microphone on a If using a subwoofer capable of the measure in six positions, as shown in the illustration up to six positions. ENGLISH Set up speakers Audyssey ® Auto Setup Step 1 Step 2 Set up Preparation Speaker Detection Measurement the remote control unit n Set up the operation mode Connect the setup microphone to the The detected speakers are displayed. Move the setup microphone to Press to set the remote control SETUP MIC jack of this unit. ENGLISH Error messages Parameter Check An error message is displayed if Audyssey ® Auto Setup could not be completed due to speaker placement, the measurement environment, etc. Enables you to check the measurement results and equalizer If this happens, check the relevant items, be sure to take the necessary measures, then perform Audyssey Auto Setup over again. ENGLISH Play back disc When power is switched to standby Press to switch an input source POWER OFF Press for a player used for playback. ENGLISH Basic version Basic version Here, we explain the connections and basic operation methods for this unit. F Connections F Playback Basic operation F Selecting a listening mode Surround mode n Refer to the pages indicated below for information on connecting and playing back the various media and external devices. Make connections according to the equipment you are Инструкция на upright 38n pdf connecting. ENGLISH Important information Connecting an HDMI-compatible device How the on-screen display is displayed depending on the video You can connect up to five HDMI-compatible devices to the unit. Remote mode Display iPod information on the iPod screen. Set the iPod инструкция на upright 38n pdf in the DENON control dock for iPod. Load the disc in the player. Surround surround playback liking can be selected from the DENON original sound mode and is used vpage 25 for playback. Multi channel This mode is for 7. In this case, try other modes to achieve a sound field suited to your tastes. NOTE When the input signal is Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, Инструкция на upright 38n pdf or DTS Express, you cannot select Инструкция на upright 38n pdf original surround mode. For the installation, connection and setup methods инструкция на upright 38n pdf 5. ENGLISH Set up speakers Connect around items indicate the settings. For the method of setting up 5. First install and connect the speakers to this unit. ENGLISH How to make detailed settings Menu map Setting items Number Detailed items Description Page Adjust surround sound parameters. Audio Adjust Инструкция на upright 38n pdf Parameter For menu operation, connect a TV to this unit and Adjust the tonal quality of the sound. Audio Adjust display the menu on the TV screen. On-screen Display Front Display Description Top menu display q The menu items are displayed here. MENU w The selected line is displayed here. For inputting characters, there are three methods, as shown below. ENGLISH Inputting characters Input Setup Keyboard screen Display the screen for inputting characters. Perform settings related to input source playback. Make n Display of a keyboard input screen settings when needed. ENGLISH Input Setup Items that can be set with the Input Setup procedure Important information Auto Preset vpage 37 Preset Skip vpage 37 Preset Name vpage 38 n About the display of input sources 5-1. Preset Name In this section, the configurable input sources for each item are shown as follows. Block Block: Auto Tuning. Set this to change the HDMI None : Do not assign an HDMI input connector to the selected input Setting items Setting details input connectors assigned. ENGLISH Input Setup Setting items Setting details Setting items Setting details Component Comp1 Component video Video Select Buttons on the remote control unit or main unit Set this to change the None : Do not assign a component video input connector to the selected Continued can be used for operations. OFF : Repeat playback mode is canceled. Auto HDMI Digital Analog Shuffle n When DENON control dock for iPod ASD-1R or ASD-11R is Make settings for shuffle connected mode. Songs : All files are played in shuffle playback mode. Decode Mode Auto : Detect type of digital input signal and decode and play automatically. ENGLISH Surround Parameter Audio Adjust Default settings are underlined. Adjust surround sound parameters. It may not be possible to set this item depending on the input signal. The sound being played in the surround mode can be adjusted to your liking. The items parameters that инструкция на upright 38n pdf be adjusted depend on the signal being input and the currently Setting items Setting details. ENGLISH Audio Adjust Setting items Setting details Setting items Setting details n For 2-channel sources Panorama ON : Set. Sets the method of ON : The surround back channel is used. ENGLISH Audio Adjust Audyssey Settings Setting items Setting details Default settings are underlined. Height Gain Low : Reduce the front height channel volume. These can be selected after Audyssey ® Auto Setup Control the front height Mid : Front height channel sound is output with инструкция на upright 38n pdf sound volume. ENGLISH Audio Adjust Setting items Setting details Setting items Setting details Dynamic EQ ® ON : Use Dynamic EQ. Solve the problem of OFF : Do not use Dynamic EQ. Solve the problem of large Evening : Medium adjustment to loudest and softest sound. ENGLISH Audio Adjust Manual EQ RESTORER Use the graphic equalizer to adjust the tone of each speaker. ENGLISH Speaker Setup Manual Setup Default settings are underlined. Set when changing Audyssey ® Auto Setup settings, or when changing the audio, video, display Perform when setting the speakers manually or when changing settings made in Audyssey Auto Setup. ENGLISH Manual Setup Setting items Setting details Setting items Setting details Speaker Config. Surround : Set the presence and size of the surround speakers. ENGLISH Manual Setup HDMI Setup Setting items Setting details Default settings are underlined. Channel Level Test Tone Start : Output test tone. ENGLISH Manual Setup Audio Setup Option Setup Default settings are underlined. Default settings are underlined. Make settings for audio playback. Make various other settings. Setting items Setting details Setting items Setting details Auto Surround Mode ON : Memorize settings. Automatically play with the last used surround Volume Control Volume Display : Set how volume is displayed. ENGLISH Manual Setup Setting items Setting details Setting items Setting details On-Screen Display Master Volume : Display the master volume during adjustment. Display Bright : Normal display brightness. Adjust the display Dim : Reduced display brightness. ENGLISH Information Show information about receiver settings, input signals, etc. Brand Preset code Operate this unit or the device whose input source is buttons switched. For operations of iPod and TUNER, see the following pages. Press the buttons with an interval less than 10 seconds. Volume Control Pressing ui, select the brand name. On-Screen Display ENTER Category :DVD 4. Remote Preset Codes Brand :DENON 5. Operation buttons Function Switch the input source. ENGLISH Operating components Resetting the remote control unit n TV operation Settings for the remote control unit are returned to the default setting. Operation buttons Function POWER ON Press and hold DEVICE ON Power onz DEVICE ON for at least 3 seconds. DEVICE OFF Power standbyz The signal transmission indicator. ENGLISH Information Information Here, we list various information related to this unit. Please refer to this information as needed. Инструкция на upright 38n pdf W0 W1 W3 W4 W5 W6 W7 Decoder indicators AUDYSSEY MULTEQ indicators These light when the respective decoders are Lighting is as follows, depending on the setting operating. ENGLISH Rear panel See the page indicated in parentheses. Electrostatic discharge may cause permanent damage to the unit. ENGLISH Remote control unit For buttons not explained here, see the page indicated in parentheses. DEVICE power buttons ························ 52, 53 ENTER button ····································· 34 — 36 Signal transmission indicator ··················· 53 RESTORER button ······································ 45 Input source select инструкция на upright 38n pdf ······················· 19 INPUT MODE button ··································. ENGLISH Remote control unit Inserting the batteries Operating range of the remote control unit Point the remote control unit at the remote sensor when operating it. ENGLISH Other information Trademark information n Trademark information инструкция на upright 38n pdf 61 This product uses the following technologies: n Surround vpage 62 n Explanation of terms vpage 66 Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Manufactured under license under ENGLISH Surround This unit is equipped with a digital signal processing circuit that lets you play program sources in the surround mode to achieve the same sense of presence as in a movie theater. Surround modes and surround parameters This table shows the speakers that can be used in each surround mode and the surround parameters adjustable in each surround mode. Symbols in the table S This indicates the audio output channels or surround parameters that can be set. Back Height Gain Subwoofer Dynamic Dynamic EQ ® vpage 43 MultEQ ® vpage 45 vpage 42 vpage 43 vpage 43 Panorama. ENGLISH Surround n Types of input signals, and corresponding surround modes This table shows the input signal that can be played in each surround mode. Check the audio signal of the input source then select the surround mode. Symbols инструкция на upright 38n pdf the table Инструкция на upright 38n pdf This инструкция на upright 38n pdf the default surround mode. Replace with new batteries. ENGLISH Resetting the microprocessor Specifications Perform this procedure if the display is abnormal or if operations cannot be performed. When the microprocessor is reset, all the settings are reset to their default values. Audyssey Dynamic EQ ································· 44, 66 Deep Color ··················································· 14, 66 Stereo ······························································ 25 Audyssey Dynamic Volume ························· 44, 66 DENON original surround mode ························· 25 Audyssey MultEQ ·································· 43, 57, 66 Playback Mode Control dock for iPod ·············· 40 Information ························································· 51 Dimension ··························································. ENGLISH Sampling frequency ··········································· 67 Printed in China 5411 10411 008D. Important Safety Instructions This symbol found on the apparatus WARNING! This symbol found on the apparatus This symbol found on the apparatus indi- indicates the user should read all safety cates that the apparatus must be placed in a. Placement Options The MCS 95 satellites and center channel are easily placed on a tabletop or wall-mounted. The speakers are configured for tabletop use when you first unpack the system. The foot installed on the rear of the speaker will keep it upright. The MCS 95 satellites and center channel are designed to easily mount on the wall using the keyhole slot s on the back of the speaker. Do not use the outlets on the back BYPASS RECOMMENDED SETTING of the receiver. Set the power switch to the desired setting. MCS 95 OFF — The subwoofer is off and will not produce any sound. You may want to turn your subwoofer off if you will not be using it for some time or wish to conserve electricity. Maintenance and Service The satellite and subwoofer enclosures may be cleaned using a soft cloth to remove fingerprints or to wipe off dust. All wiring инструкция на upright 38n pdf should be inspected and cleaned or remade at least once a year. If a problem does occur, make sure that all connections are properly made, secure and clean. If a problem occurs in one loud- speaker, rewire that speaker in a different location within the system. Dolby Digital, and Dolby Pro Logic are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. DTS is a registered trademarks of DTS, Inc.

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